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Tent Living – Simplicity to the Extreme

I am a bit embarrassed to learn that “how to live on $1500 a month” was one of my most popular posts.  Mostly because I didn’t manage to do it.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t continued to consider how to live on a very restricted budget.  There is something compelling to me about living considerably below my means and therefore not staying awake nights wondering how I’ll afford to pay my bills or fund whatever retirement I might manage… eventually.

Home Sweet Home

I’ve been reading everything I can find online about permanent tent living.  No, my dear family and friends, I am not considering pitching a tent in a vacant lot.  A meadow maybe…

However, I am fascinated with the idea.  I recently recalled that I spent an entire summer living in a canvas wall tent on a wood platform at camp.  Several girls my age were offered the chance to volunteer at camp in return for a free summer there.  It was a fantastic experience, and I loved tent living.  Although I shared the tent with two others, I had a little desk and chair along with my bed and a nightstand.  I never got wet, had only one critter (a terrified little mouse who got in the trash can and couldn’t get out), and we only left the tent once to avoid dangerous lightning.

Did you know there are tents specifically designed to fit a wood stove and stove pipe?  There are people who spend winters in their tents in Alaska.  I read about a couple who own a business, which is in a traditional building, but choose to live in a tent where they can hear the sounds of nature each morning and evening.

While it may not be your idea of the great life, it is interesting to read people’s stories about why they shifted to tent living.

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